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About Us

About our Journey

Our Journey

In 2021, recognizing a critical gap in the pharmacy and clinical services landscape, the idea for BookRx was born. We envisioned a platform where pharmacies, big or small, could effortlessly manage their services while ensuring unparalleled convenience for their customers.

From a humble start, today BookRx stands at the forefront of pharmacy service management, serving countless pharmacies and enhancing the healthcare experience for numerous individuals.

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Our Mission

To revolutionize pharmacy and clinical service management by providing user-centric, streamlined, and
efficient appointment solutions, We aim to empower every pharmacy manager and owner, ensuring they
deliver the best in patient care and operational efficiency.

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Our Values

To revolutionize pharmacy and clinical service management by providing user-centric,
streamlined and efficient appointment solutions.

At the heart of our operations lies unwavering integrity. We're committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and trust with our partners.


We believe in continuous learning and innovation. Staying abreast of the latest technology and healthcare trends, we ensure that our platform remains ahead of the curve.


The strength of our network lies in collaboration. We strive to foster a community of pharmacies and healthcare entities, unified in the mission of enhanced patient care.


We understand the dynamics of a busy pharmacy. Efficiency isn't just a feature of our platform; it's a promise to our partners.


While our platform is designed for pharmacy managers and owners, we never lose sight of the end beneficiary - the patient. Ensuring patient satisfaction remains at the core of our endeavors.


Jeet Kandoriya

A registered pharmacist in Canada, Jeet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the BOOK`RX table. With a diverse background that spans project management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and retail pharmacy operations, his expertise is the cornerstone of the platform's conception and development. Jeet's unique insights into the pharmacy world have played a pivotal role in crafting a tool that addresses real world challenges and streamlines pharmacy service delivery.

Key Achievements:

Registered pharmacist with extensive on-ground experience in Canada.

Led multiple projects in the realm of pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality delivery.

Spearheaded operations in some of Canada's leading retail pharmacies, bringing a practical understanding of the everyday challenges and solutions.

Jeet's passion for improving the pharmacy landscape is evident in every facet of BookRx, making it a tool tailored by pharmacists, for pharmacists.


Jay Kakadiya

An engineer by education, Jay brings extensive experience in developing health industry and pharmacy products within the IT sector. His technical prowess complements the pharmacy-focused insights, and with a knack for innovative product development and delivery. Jay ensures that BookRx isn't just effective but also state-of-the-art. His expertise includes steering unique product development projects from ideation to realization, contributing to BookRx's position as a reliable and groundbreaking platform.

Key Achievements:

Engineering background with expertise in innovative product design and execution, specifically within the pharmacy and IT industries.

Demonstrated success in devising and implementing targeted marketing strategies for Healthcare IT products.

Spearheaded multiple technical teams, driving them towards excellence and precision.

Jay's technical mastery ensures that while BookRx remains rooted in the world of pharmacy, its wings are spread into the realm of cutting-edge technology.

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